Top Web Design Tips for eCommerce Store

With 2020, being a landmark year for E-commerce websites, it’s essential for current and future E-commerce platforms to know how design can affect sales on their websites.

To help you stay au courant with the newest web design trends for e-commerce websites in 2020, we’ve put together a couple of e-commerce website design tips that will assist you to design an e-commerce store with ease.

Web design trends for 2020:

1. E-commerce sites should be easy to navigate

Talk about getting lost on the thanks to the check-out cart. Many E-commerce websites are guilty of getting way an excessive amount of content on the location. A cluttered website results in confusion within the minds of a visitor. Often when unclear, customers abandon the cart and leave for your competitor’s website.

The navigation on an e-commerce website and therefore the path to see out should be extremely clear and will involve as few steps as possible.

2. E-commerce sites should establish a solid brand identity

One thing which will ultimately make or break your E-commerce store is branding. A brand is some things people wish to be related to. It differentiates you from your competitors.

When designing an internet site, you ought to put equal thought into defining your brand. Infuse your brand into all the weather on your site.

There are thousands of counterfeit E-commerce sites on the web and makes are the sole element that helps to differentiate credible sites. Branding helps build trust and drives sales on an E-commerce site.

3. E-commerce sites should be designed keeping in mind their visitors

From website design, look, and feel to ultimate experience, your E-commerce site should aim to teach the customer and make a purchase.

When designing websites for E-commerce platforms, it’s important to form pages and elements that mirror the visitor's buying journey. Make the entire process of shopping quick and hassle-free. Customers like to visit a site repeatedly if the checkout process is straightforward. Having proper product pages is additionally one of the critical factors to form an e-commerce website work.

4. An E-commerce site should include colors that relate to its products/services

As a general rule, most E-commerce websites lean towards the color white, to spotlight the products instead of the web site. The color blue is usually used on service-based websites to create trust. Food and other grocery websites, make use of the color red, which signifies hunger.

Always differentiate the decider buttons, or the Call-to-action buttons, by having them during a different color. For conversions (sales) to happen, these buttons must stand out from the remainder of the online page elements.

5. E-commerce sites should have crisp content and High-Quality images

Images have an immediate effect on sales. On E-commerce platforms, people cannot get the touch and feel of the merchandise. The choice of whether to shop for the merchandise or not lies solely on its images/ video.

Not just the merchandise images- headers, banners, footers, and randomly scattered advertisements, should have high-quality imagery to convey credibility. When listing your products purchasable, put up professional images, clicked from multiple angles, to assist users to decide easily.

Also, you’ll even make your social content shoppable by tagging products into your visual content using the visual commerce platform and embedding these shoppable galleries on your eCommerce website which will also increase your sales directly.

Apart from images, the online copy and other content on the location must be stellar also. Most text content is usually not given a read, but there are certain keywords and modifiers that won’t go unnoticed.

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